Top Tool for Productivity – Aweber Email Marketing System

Top Tools for Productivity

How Aweber Helps Me To Get Things Done!

Today in my Top Tools for Productivity Series, we are going to look at Aweber Email Marketing System. This is the programme I use to share information with people on my subscriber lists.

Watch the video down and read the text. The text is slightly different to the video.

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How Aweber Helps Me with My Productivity

Once I realised that I needed a streamlined way to stay in touch with people, I took a look at what was available. I started out with a free service from Mailchimp then progressed onto Aweber, one of the leading email marketing services out there.

Here are a few reasons why Aweber has helped me to get things done.

#1 – It Creates Subscriber Lists So I Can Connect with People

You need a way to capture people’s emails in a simple and efficient way. Aweber helps you to do this.

I have two main subscriber lists at the moment. One list for this blog and one is for my PLR site. I am able to use Aweber to set up opt in pages. I have added the code for the opt-in box in three places on the site. On a separate page, in the sidebar widget on the right hand side and in the opt-in box at the bottom of each post.

It was fairly straight forward to get these set up. They each have their own code so I can tell where people have signed up from and which is the most useful.

#2 – A Great Tool for Sales, Promotions & Email Courses

As I mentioned, I use Aweber to send out emails to two main groups. My PLR subscriber list is predominantly a buyers list. People are looking for information about up coming articles for sale so Aweber allows me to share this in a timely manner.

I used to be with Mailchimp and used their free service but one day, they banned me, for some reason. I think they had an issue with PLR promotional emails. Away, I realised that it was time to move to a paid option, where I would have a lot more control, which I certainly have.

Want to Try Aweber for $1?

Aweber has a 30 day trial offer for $1. You sign up, give it a go and if you like it, you pay a monthly fee starting at $19.99. If you don’t like it, you can cancel before the 30 days are up.

Click Here to Try Aweber for $1

#2 – You Can Schedule Emails in Advance – Great for Courses

It is great to be able to put together an email and have it go out to people at a specific time. At the moment I write my PLR sales emails either the night before or in the morning then I schedule them to go out later that day.

I hope to be a little more organised in the future so that I can schedule them a bit more in advance but doing it this way works for me at the moment.

Using a good quality email marketing system can help if you are creating online email courses. You will want to be able to send out work modules at set times and intervals. That is still way off in the future but I am going to get to that at some stage.  :)

There is so much more that Aweber can do but it will take time to learn. I would eventually like to able to add images and a header in my emails. Something to look forward to.

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Have Your Say: Do you have an email marketing system on your blog? Does it help you with your productivity levels? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Top Tool for Productivity – The Go Mic by Samson Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Top Tools for Productivity

How A New Microphone Has Help My Productivity

Today in my Top Tools for Productivity Series we are looking at the Samson Go Mic, a portable mini microphone that connects via the USB port, suitable for recording video audio and podcasts. I knew that I wanted to do a series of videos and needed a good quality microphone.

Watch the video and read the text below. The text is slightly different to the video.

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Why I Bought The Go Mic by Samson Microphone

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser MicrophoneThe first time I made videos was when I took part in a 30 day vlogging challenge in 2013. The first couple of views were actually slide shows with me doing a voice over. Then I took a deep breath and sat in front of the camera. It was nerve-racking to sit there, all exposed and such, talking at my computer but I put on my big girl pants and got on with it.

This time round, I am a little less nervous but with my recently purchased laptop, the sound wasn’t very good. So I invested in a new microphone and this has helped me tremendously with my productivity. I have been able to create a series of videos without any sound problems at all.

First Impressions of This Mini Microphone

The Go Mic by Samson is a tiny little thing but it is powerful enough to do what I need it to do. When I got it out of the box, I simply plugged in my headphones, plugged the USB cable in and connected it with my laptop.

You can clip this microphone to the top of your computer or you can leave it sitting on the desk in front of you, as I do.

Why I Chose The Go Mic by Samson

Here are a couple of reasons why I decided to purchase this particular model.

#1 – It was Affordable

This microphone was ordered from Amazon and it cost about £30 pounds, which was an acceptable price for me to pay. I didn’t want to invest too much money in case I realised that I didn’t enough recording. This price point is a good range for trying things out. If it is a good fit, great. If not, then at least I invested something and gave it a go.

I am very happy that I made this purchase.

#2 – It Works – People Can Hear Me

I got feedback from people that the sound levels are good. This is extremely important of course. I didn’t want to rely on my own hearing because there is only so many times you can listen to your own recording right? Also, I tend to leave the levels quite low so it took a while for me to be aware that the overall sound was too quiet. All fixed now though :)

Should You Buy The Go Mic by Samson?

Go Mic by Samson Portable USB MicrophoneIf you are having any problems with sound quality while you are recording, I would definitely recommend this microphone.

It is a really good purchase for anyone who is on a budget. As I mentioned, it cost me around £30 and I check on Amazon USA and they are listing it at around $33, which is even cheaper – unless the tax bumps the price back up, not sure about that.

Anyway – give it a try if you are looking for a portable, budget friendly microphone.

Have Your Say: How are you finding recording? Are you using any specialist equipment? Maybe you are using your Iphone? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

My Top Tools for Productivity – The Tick Tock Clock

Top Tools for Productivity

How My Clock Helps Me Stay on Track with My

Business Goals

This is post number 3 in my Top Tools for Productivity Series and today we are talking about the advantages of using the tick, tock, clock.

Check out the video then read the text below. The text is slightly different to the video.

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Why The Clock Helps Me with My Productivity

There are several reasons why it is important to keep your eye on the time if you want to ensure that you are being productive in your business. Here are just a few. Continue reading

Top Tool for Productivity – The Handy To Do List

Top Tools for Productivity

How My To Do List Helps Me to Get Things Done

With so many distractions in our everyday lives, it can be difficult to stay focussed on what needs to get done in our business. I like to use a To Do List to help me achieve my daily goals so that I can grow my online business and get one step closer to achieving successful and sustainable self employment.

Check out the video and read the text below – the text is a little different to the video.

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Why A To Do List is A Great Tool for Productivity

Here are my reasons as to why taking time to write out a To Do List can really help you to get things done in an effective and efficient way. If you only have a certain amount of time to work on your business, you want to be able to get as much done as you can without feeling overwhelmed. Continue reading