How to Make Money with Amazon This Holiday Season

 How to Make Money with Amazon

Would You Like to Make Money with Amazon?

If you are interested in making money online, it is always a good idea to have more than one income revenue stream. One area where I am trying to build up my online income is with my niche sites.

I used to have over 70 sites at one time and that was pretty crazy. Now I have reduced that down to just four. 2 are seasonal, 1 is for toys and one is for random items that I like the look of.

Should You Try & Make Money with Amazon?

I would say that if you have the $5 -10 to spend on a domain name and you are willing to add a few articles to a blog, then you should definitely give it a go. I am of the mindset that as long as I can cover the cost of the domain and hosting, then I am not losing out. I already have hosting for this and my PLR website so I don’t count that. (It is about $5-6 a month).

If you prefer not to write your own articles, you can purchase PLR articles for as little as $1 per page – Articles already written and ready for use. Tweak them a little so they read as if you wrote them, add product links and publish your posts.

Brazen Promo LinkI Sell PLR Articles – at The PLR Boutique

I have purchased PLR articles from other writers and have quite a bit sitting on my hard drive from various sales and special offers, as well as my own from my own store. Now I can use them and make a little affiliate commission.

The 30 Day Post Blogging Challenge that I am currently doing is helping me to get organised so that I add more content to my blogs this month.

The Main Reason I Like Making Money with Amazon

It is fairly easy and straight forward to do. I am not looking to create authority sites so I am not investing too much time. I add content, share the links, set and forget.

My Earnings Since This Time Last Year

My Earnings with AmazonHere is a breakdown of what I earned from my niche sites. I think my Halloween site has the least amount of posts.

My Halloween site – $124.48
My Toy site – $46.28
My Random site – $123.55

The rest of my Amazon earnings came from

Direct Links in Squidoo articles – $599.17
Direct Links in Hubpages articles – $152.26

Grand Total – $1,045.74

It would be nice to see how much I can make with my own sites, now that Squidoo has shut down and Hubpages are no longer earning much for me. My sites won’t make me rich but that’s OK. I like knowing that I am earning a little bit from different sources doing something that isn’t so hard and that I enjoy.

Need Help Creating an Amazon Niche Blog?

Cash in on The Holidays Blogging Guide - Britta MalkaThere are plenty of step by step tutorials available that will explain how to choose a domain name, what plugins to use, how to write product articles, how to get Amazon links and what you should include in your blog.

One such example is Casual Holiday Blogging – Cash in On the Holidays by Britt Malka.

I had purchased her previous Squidoo tutorial, which helped me make money before Squidoo changed all their rules so I was happy to invest in this tutorial. She released this last year, which is when I bought it – price – $9.95.

This is an evergreen tutorial so you can apply everything she teaches to build up a niche blog for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s day – any special occasion where people spend money.

If you want to get an Amazon site up and running then this would serve you well.

Click Here to See The Sales Page & Customer Feedback Reviews

Time to Get Back To Work

I just did a quick check of my Amazon stats. Over the last 18 days I have made 14 sales through my Halloween and Toy site links. This is around $200 in sales. My commission so far is $13.44. Just wait until people really start buying for Halloween and Christmas!

I will share those earnings in future Income Reports so be sure to subscribe to the blog – Just enter your email address below :)

Have Your Say: Have you started work on your Holiday affiliate sites? How have your results been so far? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Bright Shiny New Object Syndrome – Are Your a Sufferer?

Bright Shiny New Object Syndrome

Do You Suffer from Bright Shiny New Object Syndrome?

You hear about a brand new product, which promises to change your life, improve your business and make you more money. Full of motivation and optimism, you hand over your money.

But, instead of working with one product until you see the results you want, you get bored or distracted and then move to the next product that offers exactly what you are after. But – oh no – you see so much good stuff that you can’t pick between them. So you buy and buy and buy.

You get your goodies and you open them all up and take the first step. But it ends there. You never take the second step. You might feel overwhelmed or see another hot and trendy product to buy and you move on. Recognise this behaviour?

This is what is known as the Bright Shiny New Object Syndrome. When this happens, it means you were intrigued by a product or an idea enough that it took the place of the one you’re currently implementing.

Why Do We Suffer from Bright Shiny New Object Syndrome?

Many of us, me included, get caught up in a cycle of buying a succession of new products. It could be because we loved the way it was presented, loved the thought of making money using the product and just had to have it so we got it.

But then the newness wears off because we didn’t keep focused on what enticed us to buy the product to begin with or it didn’t work quickly enough.

Why Buying New Shiny Products Fail To Help You Succeed

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome Resource - Solo SmartsIt is fair to say that you won’t ever succeed if you continually buy products but don’t actually take the practical steps of using them.

Do you have this syndrome? How many shiny new objects have you bought in the last year? The last six months? Did you give any of them a fair effort before moving on to the next?

I know that I have a few products that I have yet to open up and start using. Now I have a (roughly thought out) plan in place so that I get round to implementation. I am getting better but I know I have a ways to go yet.

A Solution to The Bright Shiny New Object Syndrome?

Kelly McCausey - Solo SmartsKelly McCausey from Solo Smarts has created a short 4 part video series where she talks about the Bright Shiny New Object Syndrome.

She provides her own definition and shares why she thinks people are serial buyers of products that do not get used.

She has also put together a FREE resources pack which includes

  • An mp3 audio
  • A link to a text version of the audio if you prefer to read
  • A Bright Shiny Object evaluation worksheet
  • A Bright Shiny Object prep sheet

After watching the videos and listening to the audio, you could be one step closer to beating this syndrome.  :)

Click Here for Kelly’s 4 Part Video Series

Click Here to Sign Up for Kelly’s Free Resource Pack

My Own Solution?

I am trying to curb my own affliction with this particular ailment. It is so difficult when there are so many great products on offer right? But I have got to try harder to use the products I have purchased.

Go watch Kelly’s videos, download the resource pack and let me know what you think. CLICK HERE.

Have Your Say: Do you suffer from Bright Shiny Object Syndrome? What type of product is your particular weakness? Do you have your own solution? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Can You Really Make Money with Amazon?

Can You Make Money with Amazon

Can You Make Money with Amazon?

For the month of September 2014, I am taking part in a 30 Day Blog Posting Challenge. I am using this opportunity to make money with Amazon by adding more articles to my affiliate blogs.

These blogs have been set so that when people Google a particular product and if find my site, they will hopefully click on one of the links in the posts. This will send them over to Amazon. If they purchase any product within 24 hours, I will earn a commisision from Amazon.

You can choose to buy a domain name for as little as $10 and start writing about anything you like.  The alternative is to write for free sites like Hubpages and Infobarrel. This is what I did in the very beginning and I earned a nice chunk of change.  However there is one huge downside to writing for a site that you do not own.

Reasons to Own Your Own Website

One of the negative aspects of using websites that you do not control, is that the company could decide to change the way they run their site.

This could have an adverse effect on the type of articles you have written. These websites could also choose to cancel your account without warning.

A couple of years ago Hubpages decided that you could no longer promote Clickbank products on their site. Quite a few people had built up a huge amount of articles based on that business model.

One day they were making bank and the next day, all their articles were frozen or they had to delete the links, making them worthless.

Recently Squidoo, another free site, was sold to Hubpages. Lots of people had built a business on the platform. Now that content could be worthless and they might lose everything.

Moral of The Story – Invest in your own domains.

The 3 Main Tools You Need to Make Money with Amazon

  1. An Amazon Affiliate Account
  2. Your Own Domain
  3. A Hosting Account

#1 – An Amazon Affiliate Account

To become an Amazon associate, just sign up to their website and you will be able to get your own affiliate link with which to promote Amazon products.

#2 – Your Own Domain

Go-DaddyWhen you make the decision to get your own domain, you have to consider several factors. You have to decide whether you want to promote a particular product or product range.

You have to decide whether you want to create a general website so that you can write about a wider range of things.

The answers to these questions will affect the type of name that you will choose for your website. If, for example you wanted to promote gardening products, you could choose to concentrate on a certain gardening tool and look for a website name like Small Gardening Or you could choose a more general name like Tools for The

The cost of a website name is about $5-10 per year.

Click Here to Buy  Your Domain

#3 – A Hosting Account

BluehostOnce you have decided on the name of your website, you will need somewhere to host it so that the whole world will be able to come visit your online home.

There are lots of hosting companies to choose from, like Bluehost, which is what I use.

The cost will be around $5 per month.

Click Here to Get a Hosting Account

Should You Concentrate On One Website or Many Websites?

Now you have to decide whether to create a bunch of mini websites or whether to put all your efforts into one website.

There are lots of courses that will teach you how to create these sorts of websites. They teach you all about keyword research, how to choose a website name, the best ways to write article reviews and how to improve your ranking potential in Google searches.

The best advice I can give you is to do some research into all the different methods available. Then see what will work for you. Again, you will find that people have had great success creating a series of small websites while others are making good money by concentrating on only one or two sites.

My Own Experience Making Money with My Own Websites

Too-Many-WebsitesAfter creating lots of articles on the frees sites like Hubpages and Infobarrel, I decided to try my hand at creating niche websites. I was following a few bloggers who were having great success with this business model.

I enjoyed doing the keyword research and then putting these websites together. It was fun to see how quickly I could get everything together.

I ended up with around 70 niche websites promoting products like Disney Toddler Beds, Balance Bikes for Kids, Insulated Lunch Bags and lots more.

These sites were doing OK but the upkeep was a nightmare. All those WordPress udpates.

As soon as I got through updating them all, WordPress would come out with another update and I would have to go through the whole process again. :(

I think I hit my target of making $1,000 per month two or three times. Those were great Amazon cheques to receive. Then Google changed the way they rated and ranked websites and my little sites lost a lot of their rankings and most disappeared from the top 100 Google search list.

Where I am Now

I decided to get out of the niche website business and allowed the sites to expire.  I had given up but the lure of creating websites lured me back. I now have 3 or 4 affiliate sites that I am working on.

This month each site will get a few new posts added. These posts will be written by me or they will be PLR articles that I purchased and have then edited to suit my style.

Making Money with Amazon is fun. It will not be a huge money maker for me because I know that I do not invest the time and energy needed in all the SEO and backlinking stuff.  That is very boring.  But I make enough for it to be worth my time and effort.

The sites make enough to cover their costs and I add new posts as and when I feel like it.  This is like a hobby that makes me money.  A win-win don’t you think?  :)

Have Your Say:  Are you making money with Amazon? Do you have lots of niche websites or are you concentrating on a just a couple? How is it going for you? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

August 2014 Review & Monthly Income Report

 August Review & Income Report

August Was A Busy But Enjoyable Month!

This is a Review & Reflection post where I take a look at what I got done over the past month. I want life to be a balance of creating an online business while enjoying the good things with family and friends.

This is what I am striving for. I hope that this post will help to inspire others who are looking for the same thing too.

Highlights in August

My Online Business – I Took Part in a PLR Mega Give-away
Free PLRA group of PLR sellers got together and offered brand new content in three popular niche areas – money, relationships and health.

I was very scared to take part because I wasn’t sure I would be able to get the required 15 articles written and organised. Well, I took a deep breath and went for it. The free give-away went really well. I was able to increase the subscriber list for my store, The PLR Boutique, and I also made a little money too. I did this by offering a discount on the content that was already on my site.

I Grew My Subscriber List
When I started the month my list for The PLR Boutique was at 86. I now have 345 people signed up.  There were some people who signed up just for the freebie, then unsubscribed quite quickly. Around 50 people did that.  There was also an additional 199 people who subscribed but didn’t click the confirmation link.

I am very happy to get the additional 259 people. I know that I will need to do a few more free offerings in the future as this works wonders.

Life in August

This month I was very fortunate to be able to meet up with great friends. I went to the theatre twice and I helped to celebrate a friends birthday in Ireland. I wrote about this in a previous post.

Click Here to Read More

Results of The Goals I Set for AugustAugust Review & Income Report

  • I will earn $330 – YES
  • I will create an info product – NO
  • I will add 20 articles to The PLR Boutique – YES

My Income Report for August 2014

I am striving to earn $1,000 for the month of December. I have broken down this goal into chunks that increase each month. August’s target was to earn $330. Let’s take a look at how I did.

  • Earnings from The PLR Boutique = $125 Last month = $67.50
  • Earnings from Recommending Other PLR & Products = $195.28 Last month = $83.47
  • Earnings from Amazon Affiliate Programme = $25.47 Last month = $86.41
  • Earnings from Amazon Kindle Book Sales = $32.10 Last month $20.00

Total Earnings for August 2014 = $377.85 Last month = $265.36


I was doing a happy dance when I added the figures together. I surpassed my goal by $17.85. This is fantastic. Two things enabled this to happen. I stayed focussed and I did some work. Let’s hope that I can keep the momentum up for September.

This Months Goals

Things I Will Do In September

Here are the tasks that I have set myself.

#1 – I Will Earn $520
Last month’s goal was to earn $330 and I made $377. SUCCESS!

This month I will earn $520. This sounds like a very scary number to me. I am not sure if I can do it but I will try my hardest to get as close to that number as I can.

#2 – I Will Publish My Info Product
Last month I mentioned that I wanted to create a $7 product from some of the PLR content I had purchased. Well I didn’t hit that goal for August. FAIL.

However I have got it all together now. Almost. I have a few links to add, I need to upload the accompanying videos and write the sales page. By the end of September this product will be on sale.

#3 – I Will Add 20 Articles to The PLR Boutique
Last month my goal was to write 20 articles. I actually wrote 25 articles. SUCCESS! 15 were available for free during a Free Give-away Promotion. 10 articles were added to the site.

This month I hope to be able to write and add all 20 articles to The PLR Boutique. I have made a start already. I just need to get to writing the rest of the batch.

#4 – I Will Publish a Post Each Day for 30 Days
I have sent myself the challenge of posting 30 blog posts over the course of September. These posts will be on different sites, some will be new content, some re-purposed and some PLR content that I have purchased and is doing nothing sitting on my hard drive. I have already started. This is Blog Post No.5.

Click Here to Find Out More about This Challenge

Time for Accountability

Are you looking for a way to stay motivated so that you get things done? Well it is a lot easier if you do it as part of a group. I have joined two Facebook groups to help me stay on track.

The success of last month’s earnings is also spurring me on to try and do better this month :)

Have Your Say: Do you have any set goals for the month of September? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image Credit – Flickr