Inspired by 3 Bloggers & a Rose

 Inspired by 3 Bloggers & a Rose

I have been inspired to work on a new niche blog. The inspiration has come from two different sources. One place was from the bloggers that I enjoy reading and the other from a very dear friend. I’m blaming you Ms Rose,  Rosalie ;)

The three bloggers that provided that extra impetus are:

Mother & ChildThese three women all stated that they were not very happy with their weight (hope they won’t mind me saying that). They have all decided to do something about it. They are also sharing their stories with others by blogging about their journey. I decided that it was time for me to step up to the plate.

If these great women have the courage to share their stories, then so do I.

Now my own personal journey is a little different. I have a little weight that I would like to lose but the goal that I am striving for is as follows:

I want to meet someone and start a family!

That’s it in a nutshell.

Happy To Work On My Online Business

I am happily putting in the effort needed in order to create my own online business. A great example is that this week I released a new PLR article pack called Quit Smoking PLR. These articles could be used for people working in the health and well being niches.

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Time To Work On My Personal Life

Inspired by 3 Bloggers & a RoseThis is going to be very eye opening for me because, people who know me, will happily agree that I do not really make that much of an effort. I can’t help it. I am lazy. I like comfortable baggy clothes, I don’t wear make up and I couldn’t even tell you the last time I bought a bottle of perfume.

When I go out, I tend to meet up with friends and I am too busy catching up on news and gossip to be looking around for a tall, dark and handsome dude.

Has this all contributed to the life of a singleton? Maybe? Well, it is now time to put a little effort into my personal life.

So this journey, this new blog is going to be very interesting. I have few ideas about the stuff I am going to write about. The topic also works well with article creation so I should be able to create some PLR packs based on the blog topics that I will be writing.

This might be a personal journey but I will also be looking at ways to monetize that site. The secret behind successful and money making blogs is that you find a topic that you enjoy writing about and you find a way that you can make money at the same time. This can be through product recommendations, and even product creation.

Let’s see how this goes. Wish me luck :)

Have Your Say: Is there anything that you would like to work on in your business or personal life? Are you brave enough to share it here? Let me know sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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The Benefits of Making Money Online and Living Life

The Fantastic Benefits of Making Money Online & Living Life

Why I Really Want To Make a Success of Making Money Online

The idea of being in control of making my own money and being able to live life the way that I choose really hit home last week. I was able to see friends, see a couple of shows, pop over to another country and make a little cash online at the same time.

This is the life that I am working hard to build. I want to be responsible for my own earnings so that my choices are determined not by the amount of vacation days a boss says I am entitled to, but by my own whims.

What I Got Up To Last Week

Last week was an example of what life could be like all the time if I was in complete control of my own earnings.

On Monday I was given a set of free tickets so I met up with a wonderful friend, Daniel, and we watched a musical theatre production called The Pajama Game.

On Tuesday I met up with another friend, Keith, and his gorgeous daughter Summer. We had lunch in this really nice café in East London. It was so nice to be able to hang out during the day instead of thinking of work.

AndrewsBirthday in IrelandOn Wednesday I headed over to Ireland and helped to celebrate Andrew’s 50th birthday. It was fantastic to visit a country that I have never been to before. Now, I am really terrible at geography and didn’t even realise that Ireland is just an hour away by plane. Doh!

Wicklow, the town where Andrew’s family lives in, is absolutely beautiful. I got to meet lots of friendly Irish people, a fantastic mix of travellers from as far as America, Nicaragua, Australia, Spain, Italy, France and, er, Swindon ;)

We went on a leisurely walk along the coastline – well it started out quite leisurely and transformed into some sort of assault course. At times it felt like we were in some sort of jungle.

The birthday boy, 6 foot something Andrew, forgot that there were a few 5 feet nothings walking behind him. Overgrown leaves and unattended weeds slapped us in the face, stinging nettles stung bare skin and slippery mud hills caused a certain young lady to fall flat on her arse. Yup, that was me. Silvana, from Italy, managed the hike in a pair of elegant wedge heels. Oh, those Italians, they do everything with such style.

Happy Birthday AndrewThe birthday dinner was held on Thursday and it was fantastic. There was great food, great conversation, some singing and dancing. Andrew’s 80 year old dad even got up and gave a speech. Now I know where he gets that gift of the gab from.

Happy Birthday Andrew! :) :)

It was a great few days away, but horrors of horrors, it was only when I got home that I realised – I didn’t try out a pint of Guinness! How could I be in Ireland and not have a pint of the black stuff? Oh well, that means I have to definitely head back over there at some point.

On Saturday evening, musical theatre was on the agenda again. This time I went with my sister Pamela and very good friend Nikki. The show was Dessa Rose, a brilliant musical set in the antebellum South in the 1800s. A story of slavery, brutality, survival and friendship. The story was touching, the songs and singing were glorious and we left with a good feeling in our hearts.

The Fantastic Benefits of Making Money Online & Living Life

Whew – What a Week! I was only away for a few days but during that time, I was able to do a little work on my business. Thank goodness for free wifi.

I had set up a PLR article sale and I wanted to make sure that people could get hold of what they had paid for. Although I made sure to limit my computer use to around 1 hour a day, that was enough to check emails, send out orders and make sure everything was OK.

This past week has made me even more determined to work on my business so that I can say farewell to the job and be completely in charge of my own life and financial affairs. There are so many examples of people who are doing it right now. I wanted to be able to add my own name to that list. Wish me luck :)

Have Your Say: How has your own week been? What one advantage do you see in being able to create your own online business? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

How to Use & Make Money With PLR Content

 How to use and make money withPLR

In my last post, I told you about a fantastic Free PLR Giveaway Offer. This offer ends on Monday afternoon (USA) and in the evening in the UK. Check out that post and you might still have a chance to get hold of lots of free articles and ebooks.

Now that you have all this free content, what should you do with it? Well, here are a few ideas for you.

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Free PLR

Brand New & Free PLR Articles on Offer

If you have ever wondered what PLR articles are like and whether these are the types of things you could use in your business and for your blog, this is a great opportunity.

I have a PLR website called The PLR Boutique and for the next few days, I am taking part in a Big 3 Niche PLR Giveaway. Several PLR providers have come together to offer FREE PLR articles on three very popular topics. These topics are Health, Wealth and Relationships.


What Are PLR Articles?

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The Benefits of Using PLR Articles

The main advantage of using PLR articles is that they are cheaper to get hold of than commissioning a ghost writer.

The work has already been done for you and you can get a lot of content together in a really quick and easy way.

How To Claim These Free Articles

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List Building Opportunities

You should really take advantage of this superb offer. You can gather together everything available and start working on a free opt-in report or start putting together a brand new info product.

As you can see, this is another great example of how you can build up your subscriber list. Work with other people in your industry and offer something of real value.  I am glad to have had this chance.  I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to manage writing 15 brand new articles as well as the other stuff I have to do, like go out to work. lol :)

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I have also added a special discount with this Free PLR offer, which you will find out about in the download email. I am happy to report that I have already had a couple of sales. Fantastic news :)

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