Making Money, Building Lists and Getting Reviews

Making Money Building Lists

Making Money online and offline doing the things that you want has got to be the best way to get the life of your dreams right? Well that’s what I am striving for.

It is now more important than ever to ramp up my money money efforts. Last week, there were rumblings at my workplace. The company has been sold and it looks like there will not be enough hours for all the staff. That means those on casual contracts (like me), could see their hours reduced to an insufficient amount. So I need to be more determined about getting my own stuff working.

My Money Making Efforts – Online

I am working away at building up content for my PLR store, The PLR Boutique. People are purchasing articles, which is great.

I need to ramp up my work here so that I can increase my earnings. Today I have released a new article pack for the Halloween niche market. I hope that sales go well.

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Diary of a Summer Camp Counsellor – Kindle Book Offer & Meet Two Great Bloggers

Free Book Offer

Last month I took part in the Book Blog Train, where I was able to advertise the fact that I was giving away free copies of two of my books.

Well today I am doing something a little similar. This journey is called The Blog Hop. This is where you are invited by a fellow writer / blogger to write a post that answers four questions about the writing process. You then link to 2 or 3 other writers who will then give their answers to those questions and then link to other writers and so on and so forth.

Well the lovely Patti Stafford asked me to take part in this blog hop. My first reaction was to say – “No Way – I am not a writer!” This could be somewhat disputed since I have published a few short books available on Amazon and I write and sell articles. It’s just that I don’t think of myself as a writer. Weird right?

Anyway, once I calmed down and took a deep cleansing breath, I accepted the invitation and here I am.

First Things First – My Free Book Offer

Diary of a Summer Camp Counsellor - Working at an American Summer Camp - Victoria VirgoIn my last post, I wrote about the book I published called Diary of a Summer Camp Counsellor – Working at an American Summer Camp.

It came from the diary that I kept when I worked one summer as a counsellor. Click here to read that post.

I want to give you the chance to take a look at this book so it is available to download for free from today, Friday 18th to Tuesday 22nd July 2014.

Click Here to Download from Amazon USA
Click Here to Download from Amazon UK

Any feedback comments left on the Amazon website would, naturally, be very gratefully appreciated ;)

Now – The Blog Hop Question & Answer Session

Question 1 – What am I Working On / Writing?

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My Memories of Working as a Summer Camp Counsellor in America

10 Reasons To Work as a Summer Camp Counsellor in America – Victoria Virgo

Way back when mobile phones were toys for the rich and for the city boys, I went to work at a Summer camp in America. I kept a daily diary while I was there because I didn’t want to forget the experience. I finally got round to typing up the thing, getting a kindle book cover made and I uploaded it to Amazon.

My Summer Camp Diary is Now a Book

Diary of a Summer Camp Counsellor - Working at an American Summer Camp - Victoria VirgoThe book is  Diary of a Summer Camp Counsellor – Working at an American Summer Camp. It is a few years now and the kids that I looked after most probably all have their own kids now. Maybe they are even sending their children to the same camp that they used to see as their Summer home every July and August.

I went to a fairly well to do summer camp. I knew from the get go that I did not want to be living in a tent, or have to use some sort of primitive looking outside toilet. No, I was going to work at a camp but I wanted a proper bed, a room with doors and windows, an inside toilet and hot and cold running water.I am happy to say that I found such a camp, situated just outside New York.

My Memories of Camp – Good & Bad

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How To Build a Subscriber List – Sweeten The Deal With a Free Offer

List Building - Sweeten The Deal With a Free Offer

One way to build a subscriber list is to offer people something free. I am doing this on this website with the offer of my book Make Money from Your Writing Hobby  – Sign up if you haven’t already ;)

List Building for My Article Writing Site

I have another website called The PLR Boutique. I sell pre-written content with Private Label Rights. This means that people can purchase the articles and they can use them on their websites as is or they can decide to re-write them in their own words and use the content to create an ebook, or to add to their email campaign or for whatever they need.

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