20 Random Things About Me

I thought that a really great way to get to know the person behind the blog VictoriaVirgo.com was if I shared some things about myself.

I have put together a little list of 20 random things about me that I hope you find interesting, amusing and fun. Enjoy.

20 Random Facts about Me

A Random Collection of 20 Things about Me

  1. My name is Victoria and it is my dream is to make a full-time living from fiction writing and blogging. So watch this space.
  2. I was named after the character Victoria from a TV Western programme called The High Chaparral. It ran from 1967 until 1971. My mum loved that show.
  3. My Author name is Audra Bell. I wanted a way to separate my romance writing from my non-fiction stuff, which is under my real name, so I created a beautiful pen name. I chose the first name because it begins with the first letter of the alphabet and because I love the American actress Audra McDonald. I chose Bell because it begins with the second letter of the alphabet and I thought it had a nice ring to it  Audra Bell.
  4. My first record was “My Camera Never Lies” by Bucks Fizz (1982).
  5. After watching the episode of The Walton’s, where their house burned down, I used to have nightmares.
  6. When I was 22 I went to Australia. I went to a pub on my own, bought myself a celebratory birthday drink – Southern Comfort & Lemonade – and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
  7. During a school trip to Ramsgate, a seaside town in England, when I was about 7 years old, I fell over on the slippery moss covered stones on the shore line, soaking my uniform, and ended up spending the rest of the day walking around in my shirt and underpants.
  8. I drank so much crap cheap red wine when I was an au pair in Germany, that I have been put off it ever since. I am slowing trying to learn how to drink red wine again by drinking something called Tinto Verano, which is chilled red wine mixed with lemonade – a popular drink in Spain.
  9. While working as an au pair, I took the day off due to a bad migraine, but proceeded to go to a Sting concert later that evening.
  10. However I returned home at midnight with no keys, and rather than wake the whole household (and their mad barking dog), I ended up sleeping in their car, which was fortunately open but it was freezing. Karma certainly bit me on the ass!!
  11. I hate custard.
  12. I took part in a secondary school demonstration in support of teachers pay. The students refused to go back to class for the rest of the day. Hurrah!
  13. I took up smoking at aged 14 – it lasted 3 days. I just couldn’t see the point.
  14. I got a job in a clothing store. I lasted 2 days as I was so bored out of my mind that I just didn’t go back. 4 weeks later the company sent me a cheque for the days I worked which was an unexpected surprise.
  15. After 10 years of wishing and hopingI finally realised my dream of visiting Cuba. I went on a Salsa dancing holiday to Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city in the country. It was amazing.
  16. I have a teaching qualification. I am qualified to Teach English as a Foreign Language. I got my certification but have not had a chance to use it yet.
  17. In my teens, I experimented with make-up and wore a lot of electric blue mascara – on a black girl? – what was I thinking! Hehehehe.
  18. I have been to Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Florida and on a Disney Cruise and had a fabulous time. (my sister used to work for the company).
  19. I have problems pronouncing the word reconnaissance.
  20. I love Victoria Sponge Cakes.

There are quite a few more things I could add to this list but I will leave that for another time. I hope that gives you a little insight into who I am.

Have Your Say: I would love for you to share one random fun fact about yourself. Leave a comment down below.

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2 thoughts on “20 Random Things About Me

  1. Jane

    I loved hearing all the fun facts about you. We have a little bit in common. I was born and raised in the U.K. Liverpool actually and at 16 I left home to go to London to work as a Nanny. That Job took me everywhere, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium and at 19 I came to the U.S.A. For the first time to also work as a Nanny. I have now lived here over half my life because I married an American. We are now divorced but I’m still here with my two girls whom are in their 20’s. I also worked in Sales in Hempstead Heath London and I too was bored out of my mind. Both my parents are welsh so I speak welsh fluently. Now that my girls are grown I’m considering l I got in the U.K. For 6 months out of the year and 6 months in the U.S.A. I’m looking forward to reading your books. However I have a rather large ARC list so it may take me a month or two before I get to yours but if it’s a short book I can read it sooner than that.

  2. Victoria Post author

    Jane – Thank you so much for commenting 🙂
    So funny – Back in the day I was thinking about working as a Nanny – but after my Au Pair stint, I had second thoughts. Hehehe.
    It sounds like you have had an amazing life with so much travel. I hope there is lots more in your future.
    Enjoy all the good books out there. I also have a huge pile to work my way through.
    Happy Reading & thanks again for stopping by.
    Victoria recently posted…20 Random Things About MeMy Profile

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