3 Reasons I Like Writing Short Stories

The Benefits of Writing Short Stories

As a reader I am a big fan of short stories. I tend to upload them on the kindle app on my phone and read them while I am on my way to work. I like the fact that I can start something on my morning train commute and end my journey with a smile because I have finished reading a story with its happy ever after ending.

Why I Like Writing Short Stories

As a writer, I am a huge fan of short stories and I am glad that there is an audience for this type of thing. Here are just three of the main reasons why I like writing short stories:

  1. I Can Complete My Stories
  2. I Can Get More Stories Published
  3. I Can Improve My Writing Skills

#1 – I Can Complete My Stories

When I first decided that I wanted to write a fiction book, I was overwhelmed. Most of the books that I read were between 300 – 600 pages long. I didn’t think that I would be able to write something that long.

Thankfully I discovered that people like to read short stories and so I decided to give that a try. At the moment, most of the stories I write range between 5,000 – 20,000 words. This length suits me because I know that the end is in sight and that I will actually finish the story before I get demotivated or distracted.

I expect that in the future I will want to look into writing longer stories but right now, I am happy writing shorts.

#2 – I Can Get More Stories Published

Because I know that I can get a short story completed, I am able to hit the publish button more often. When I am in the flow, it can take me 10-15 days to write a short story. That means I could get at least one new short story published every month.

That is what I am aiming to do this year. I have several books waiting to be edited. Once I have ordered book covers and written the advertising blurb, they will be good to go.

#3 – I Can Improve My Writing Skills

Writing anything is a skill that has to be learned and practised. If you want to get better at something you have to do it more often. A tennis player’s game improves due to the hours of training they put in. It is the same with writing. The more you do, the better you get. I know that I still have lots to learn.

By writing short stories, I get to try out different styles of writing and get more confident in my skills. I want to ensure that I write stories that people want to read, therefore the more I write, the better I can get at things like creating believable characters, introducing realistic dialogue and simply telling a good tale.

My Plan Going Forward

The plan is to continue and complete my Fiction Book Promotion Plan for January,  write more short stories and get them published. I will also put together short story collections, so that people can choose to buy individual books or a box-set.

As long as there is an audience interested in buying books of this length, then I am happy to create more stories to meet their needs.

Have Your Say: Do you read or write short stories? Are you a fan? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

photo credit: Marcin Wichary via photopin (license)
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