About Me

Facebook Profile PicHi there, I am Victoria Virgo. I was born in London, England and my parents are from Jamaica. That makes me a proud Black British gal who enjoys a full English breakfast as well as traditional Jamaican saltfish and plantain.

I currently live in London but dream of making enough money online so that I can go off and live the life that currently exists in my daydreams. I have had a variety of jobs, studied German, did a bit of acting, and learned some Spanish. My hope is to be able to create an income from writing and selling short stories and through blogging.

How I Started Writing Online

I have been writing articles online since 2008. It began as a hobby. I started writing for websites like Hubpages and Infobarrel and progressed to creating my own collection of niche websites.

I love writing and have several blogs that cover topics including entertainment, toys, writing and how to get things done online.

I also have a lovely collection of short stories that are written under my name and my romance pen name Audra Bell. These are currently available to download from Amazon. Check out the links above.