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An Author Website is the online home for your fiction writing business. It is the one place where you can decide how to showcase your fiction and introduce yourself to readers. You can choose to use a free site from the many different companies like blogger, or you can buy a domain and hosting.

The free sites are a great way to start if you are working on a tight budget or you are not sure how to set up a site. However I would always suggest that it is a good idea to buy a domain and hosting because then you are in complete control of your site and it can not be shut down and removed without your consent.

Why You Should Have an Author Website

3 Tips on Creating an Author Website

#1 – Use Your Author Name as Your Website Name

When you set up your author website, it is always a good idea to use your name. If your name is not available then add something to the beginning or end that makes sense.

When I decided on the pen name Audra Bell, I discovered that this domain name was not available so I added the word writes at the end so it became

You could add the word writer, author, fiction writer, your middle name or just your middle initial if you like.

I wanted a domain name with .com at the end as they are the ones that are most common but you can get a domain name with your country’s extension or with .net, .org if you prefer.

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#2 – Promote Your Books in Your Posts

The best thing about setting up an author website is that you can write about your books 🙂 You can write as little or as much as you want. The site is another way for people to find you online.

If you are unsure about what you should write then the simplest posts that you can put together are posts about the books you have published. The easiest way to create these posts is to use the blurbs you created for your Amazon book page. Just copy and paste the information, add your book cover and then add links to the Amazon store so that people can go ahead and make a purchase.

If you do not use Amazon, then link to the online stores where your books are sold. Once you have done that, publish your posts and share them on your social media accounts for further exposure.

Extra Tip – If you have an Amazon affiliate account, use your affiliate links and you could earn commissions from people who visit the site through one of your links. They may buy one of your books (sweet) or they may purchase something else. Either way, you will earn a little commission from their action.

#3 – You Can Collect Email Addresses Which Helps Increase Book Sales

One of the easiest ways to make money from your fiction writing is if you have a solid fanbase of readers who enjoyed one of your books and are interested in buying more. Having an author website enables you to add a subscribe link where people can provide you with their email address and you can get in touch with them. Building a successful relationship with your subscribers can lead to wonderful engagement and lead to future sales.

A good way to encourage potential readers to sign up to your email list is to offer a free book. It can be a short story or a preview of an existing book you have on sale.

Extra TipClick Here to Sign up for a Free Mailerlite Account. You can add up to 1,000 subscribers before you have to pay a penny to send out emails.

My Author Website – My Experience So Far

My author website is definitely a work in progress. There are still bits and pieces that I want to do in order to improve the look and functionality but the most important thing was that I bought the domain name and got started.

I will be adding a Free Books Page and I will improve on the Subscribe Page too so it is more enticing.

If I have more time, I will work on different types of blog posts to add, maybe introduce other authors but right now my time is best served writing more stories to sell 🙂

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