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How To Use Your Facebook Page To Increase Engagement – 5 Top Tips

Facebook is the most popular social media platform that people use. If you are a fiction writer, blogger, or product creator, it makes sense to harness its power to try and engage with those who are interested in what do. You can do this by setting up a Facebook Page.

How to use Facebook Pages to increase engagementCreating your own Facebook Page can be a very useful marketing and branding tool and the great news is that you can do this for free. Once you have set up your page, it can help you to:

  • Let people know more about you
  • Get more visitors to your blog
  • Get subscribers to your mailing list

5 Ways To Increase Engagement on Facebook

I did a little bit of research and found that there are 5 top things you should do that will help to increase engagement. These tips would be suitable for all types of Facebook Pages and they are really easy to implement.

  1. Share Relevant Photos
  2. Ask Simple Questions
  3. Add Your Facebook Page Link Everywhere
  4. Like Similar Facebook Pages in Your Genre
  5. Promote Your Book / Products

#1 – Share Relevant Photos

A great way to show your personal side is to share photos on your page. You can choose to use your own pictures or you can buy them. Add a quote that is relevant to your niche. You can even take a look at pictures from other people’s Facebook Pages and share them on yours.

#2 – Ask Simple Questions

You can encourage interaction on your page by asking a question. Think about questions that are easy to answer so that people do not have to think too hard. There is a reason why people love the Thumbs Up buttons on Facebook. It is a quick and easy way to leave a response. Pose fun questions that require either a yes or no answer or something like who is your favourite author or what is your favourite chocolate bar. Easy to answer questions can bring a some traction to your page.

#3 – Add Your Facebook Page Link Everywhere

If you have a Facebook Page, you want people to be able to join it quite easily so take the hard work out of it by adding your Page Link to your blog. You can add it to the sidebar of your website too.

You should also add the link to the bottom of your emails and newsletters so that people can go to it straight away. Mention the link and ask people to Like the page.

Other places to add your Page link are the confirmation page when people sign up to your mailing list and you can also add the link inside your books.

Hey! Click Here To Follow Me on Facebook! See what I did there ;)

#4 – Like Similar Facebook Pages in Your Genre

It might take a little research but you should find a selection of Facebook Pages that are in your genre or niche. Visit the page and use your Facebook Page Profile to Like these pages. You should always interact on these pages by leaving relevant comments and liking relevant posts. Don’t go overboard or you will look like a spammer.

#5 – Promote Your Books / Products

A Facebook Page is a great tool to help promote your books or products. You can write blog posts and add the link to your page. You can use your Amazon affiliate links to add your books too.

If you are interested in using Facebook’s advertising service, you will need to have a Facebook Page in order to make use of that service. Advertising on Facebook has helped many authors rake in the cash but there is a learning curve as you have to figure out how to set well targeted ads.

I will be looking into doing this sometime in the future.

What I Will Be Doing With My Facebook Pages

I have two main Facebook Pages set up. One is called Victoria Virgo – Writer. This page is related to this blog.

Click Here to Follow Me on Facebook

The other Facebook Page is Audra Bell Writes, which is connected to my author website.

I need to go and add my links to the places I mentioned above and I have set out a schedule of things I will post on a daily and weekly basis. This should lead to increased engagement, which I hope will lead to people being interested in taking a look at my blog (s) and deciding to become a subscriber to my list.

I will make a note of some statistics now and I will then come back to do a follow up post to see if there has been any difference. That’s all for now folks :)

*The Pic? Me in Cuba – Oct 2016

Have Your Say: What do you think of Facebook Pages? Have you set one up for your own blog or business? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Tiffany Lambert’s Kindle Fiction Challenge – My Review

Do You Dream Of Making Money from Your Writing?

Tiffany Lambert’s Kindle Fiction Challenge could be the perfect additional resource to help us on the road to building a full time income from writing fiction. I have already published a few short stories and am working hard to create more.

Tiffany Lamberts Kindle Fiction Challenge - My ReviewTiffany set up the Kindle Fiction Challenge – a challenge where she takes you step by step through the process she used in order to produce a series of 4 short stories that, at one time earned her up to $1500 per month.

One of the hardest things about writing is consistency and motivation. I have stopped and started countless times. People who have remained consistent have gone on to earn outstanding amounts of money and have been able to leave their jobs and become full-time writers. That’s where I hope to be by the end of this year. I got this course help help spur me on my own fiction writing journey.

About The Course

This course originally started last year as a live daily event but you can join anytime and work through the material at your own pace.

It consists of daily blog posts with a video that covers a particular aspect of creating fiction books. The blog posts are password protected and people who took part in the live event left feedback comments on each post.

The Course Length

At the moment, there are over 40 daily blog posts on the website. I am taking my time to go through the posts. I usually look at one or two per day and make notes as I view.


My Thoughts On The Course

It is still early days for me but so far so good. I watch each video, make notes and incorporate the things that resonate with me into my work.

The great news is that I already gained a couple of valuable tips from the video for Day One. I was able to implement this straight away. And this tip helped to make two sales on one of my short stories!!! Yippee :) :)

I will be back with an update review as I progress through the rest of the daily blog posts of Tiffany’s Kindle Fiction Challenge.

Should You Buy?

If you want to get started with fiction writing or you are looking some extra support and guidance, then I would suggest this course. You can go as fast or as leisurely as you like, as long as you take action and implement the tips and advice provided in the lessons.

Tiffany has earned more money from her fiction books than I have so I know that she has tips that I am able to learn from. As I mentioned above, I have already gained something from doing one simple thing she recommended. I certainly look forward to my own a month $1500 pay day.

Click Here to Buy The Kindle Fiction Challenge

PS – I am taking notes as I go through the course and will upload this as a free report on My Resources Page. If you are interested, simply sign up below and I will let you know when this report is ready :)

Have Your Say: Are you interested in making money writing fiction? Have you purchased this course? What did you think? I would love you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

My January Review & February Goals

My January Review & February Goals

Here is an update of the goals I set myself for January and the results. I know that my goals for January were very ambitious for the first month of the year but because I didn’t know what to expect, I thought I would aim high.

My January Review & Febuary Goals

January’s Goals & Results

#1 – To Add 100 New Subscribers to This Blog’s Email List

I gained 2 new subscribers

#2 – To Add 100 New Subscribers to My Author Email List

I gained 10 new subscribers

#3 – To Publish 1 Post Per Week on This Blog

I managed to get my posts written and published on time.

#4 – To Publish a New Short Story on Amazon

Yes! I published a short story. It’s called Felicity Falls in Love

#5 – To Write and Complete a New Short Story

I didn’t do any fiction writing this month. I concentrated on editing all the stories that I currently have in draft mode. Once I type up the edits I will be able to publish two new stories for February.

My Income Streams

These are the things that I am tracking to see how I am progressing.

  • Kindle book earnings
  • Amazon affiliate earnings
  • Other affiliate earnings
  • Subscribers to the mailing list for this blog
  • Subscribers to my Author mailing list

If you are interested in the numbers, simply sign up to my mailing list where you will get access to my monthly income report.


My Thoughts

My results might not have been as spectacular as I would have hoped but the good news is that I did make some progress. The major benefit of setting these benchmarks means that I now have a better understanding of the amount of time and effort that is needed in order to get things done. I am now able to alter and amend my expectations when I set my goals for February.

My Kindle Book Earnings

For the month of January, I set a simple goal of earning $2,00 from my Audra Bell books. I am happy to report that I earned a little more than that and I earned some change from the other books that I published under my own name. I look forward to seeing that increase month by month.

Goals for February

#1 – To Add 100 New Subscribers to My Author Email List

#2 – To Publish 1 Post Per Week on This Blog

#3 – To Publish 2 New Posts on My Author Blog

#4 – To Publish Two New Short Stories on Amazon

#5 – To Write and Complete a New Short Story

#6 – To Increase My Kindle Book Earnings by 100%

I will be running a free book promo for my short story where I hope to gain new subscribers. It is already set up and without any promotion, I have about 20 new names on my list. I will write a blog post review about the service once the promotion has been and gone.

I am excited about getting a couple of new stories published this month. All the bits and pieces are there, I just have to write the blurbs, order the book covers and upload everything to the Amazon website.

I am looking forward to a productive and progressive February. Wish me luck :)

Have Your Say: Are you happy with the goals that you set for January? Do you have a new set of goals for February? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

My January Highlights – Harry Potter Rocks!

If you want to ensure that you are living the life of your dreams, you have to take action. You have to make plans in order to get things done. I set out some monthly goals for January that were do to with working on creating an online income from my writing. I will publish my January Review post next week.

My January Highlights 2017What I Got Up to in January

This post focuses on the personal and fun side of things. One way to make sure that you are leading a life that you actually enjoy is to reflect on the things that you have achieved and then make more plans for more fun stuff. Here are some of the fun things that I got up to in January 2017.

My January Highlights

  • I celebrated New Year’s Day in Spain
  • I took 3 bags of clothes to the charity shop
  • I visited The Harry Potter Studios in London
  • I purchased a brand new electric toothbrush. Oh what sweet heaven this is :)
  • I watched the hilarious theatre production of Peter Pan Goes Wrong

I Read The Following Books:

  • Wildflower Bay by Rachel Lucas
  • One Week in December (4 short stories)
  • His Sweetest Christmas by Holly Blair
  • The Year of Saying Yes by Hannah Doyle
  • A Year of Doing Good by Judith O’Reilly
  • Once Upon a Setup by Kait Nolan

I wrote something in my journal everyday for the whole month

My Fun Plans for February

I already have a couple of things pencilled in my diary for February which I think are very exciting.

I will continue to write in my journal. I tend to focus on something positive that happened during the day. It is nice to write something on a daily basis. It gives me a chance to reflect on the good that has happened and to practise my writing skills.

I also hope to get some work done on my home. More news on that next month.

Have Your Say: What were the non-work related highlights for you in January? How did it make you feel? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.