Fiction Writing – How Fear (Almost) Stopped Me Writing

Fiction Writing - How Fear Almost Stopped MeWe Can Be Our Own Worst Enemies

One of my main missions for this month was to get a piece of fiction completed and published as a kindle book. Well I am happy to report that I am almost there. The writing is complete, I am in the middle of adding the front and back matter and I have also ordered my book cover.

There are only a few days left until this month is over so if my kindle cover arrives in time I will just about make my 31st January 2015. 

How Fear Stopped Me in My Tracks

If I am completely honest, this book, which is a collection of super short stories, could have been completed two weeks ago. All I had to do was finish one story and type up another one and I was done. BUT I let fear of failure and self doubt take hold of me.

I started to doubt that my work was any good. I started thinking that my stories were too short and that no-one would want to read them. The lengths range from 1,000 – 1700 words. Something that would be suitable for magazines. I know that there is a market for this type of thing because I bought and read these type of magazines for my own research purposes. Still, I let those feelings of doubt creep in.

How I Kicked Fear To The Kerb

I did a couple of things in order to help. I gave a couple of the stories to my sister to read. She is always honest and is good at giving criticism. I also started reading more short stories. This helped to reinforce the fact that there is a market out there.

After doing these two things, I got my butt in gear, got everything typed up and ready for formatting.

Next Step – Getting The Book Cover

I really didn’t want to spend too much time on this. As it is a collection of short stories that someone could read during a tea-break, I decided to theme the cover with a teacup. I searched through lots of images, found something I liked and placed my order on

I hope that this little collection will be ready before the month is up. I will let you know via email.

So sign up below if you are interested! 🙂

PS – I have made a firm commitment to give this fiction writing a real go by investing in Geoff Shaw’s Kindling Programme. I had to hold my breath while my finger hovered over the Paypal submit button, but I did it and I am sooo excited to start learning and earning. Wish me luck 🙂

Have Your Say: Has fear and self doubt stopped you from doing something you really want to do? How did you conquer it? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “Fiction Writing – How Fear (Almost) Stopped Me Writing

  1. Cynthia Dixon


    Here we are in 2015 having the same issue as we did last year. LOL We’ve got to say the hell with it and just do it! You’re not alone. I think it’s just a part of our nature to self doubt. Part of it is fear of failing, but I think it’s also hidden modesty.

    We’ve been taught not to blow our own horns so to speak, so instead of seeing ourselves as the talented people we are, we hold back.

    I too am guilty. I’ve been doing very well on Fiverr selling videos, but I’m still hesitant to update my website and start contacting local business owners. I’ve gotten so many requests this past couple of days for custom work so I know my talents shine through, but I still let fear guide me.

    But in order for us to be successful at what we desire, we’re going to have to be afraid and uncomfortable. And what’s the worse that could happen? Someone says no or that’s not good? If they do, we start over. We take what they’ve said with a grain of salt and learn from it.

    What we both have to keep in mind is that, we know what WE know. We have to stop thinking that everyone else knows how to do what we do. It’s us who gives our fears power. If someone loves to read but has never written a book, they won’t know the process and what it takes. They just know a good story.

    Just as someone won’t know how I make videos, they just know they like what they see. Stop being your own worst critic and start believing in your dreams and abilities. You got this girl! Make 2015 the year you become who you want to be. And you’re not alone, cause I’m right beside you!
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted…How to make your Blog get noticedMy Profile

    1. Victoria Post author

      Cynthia – such wise words for us all. I love how you have been doing so well with your videos. You hit the nail right on the head by saying that most people know what they like but do not know how things get done. People love your videos and they are willing to pay for your service. Just as people love to read fiction and they are willing to pay for that entertainment.

      Time we both get out of our way and get to giving the people what they want and need because we have the skills to provide. 🙂 🙂
      Victoria recently posted…January 2015 Review & Income ReportMy Profile

  2. Ash

    Why is it with fiction we feel a lot more fearful and doubtful about our own abilities, if you could put up a book on Kindle as easily as you could publish a blog post maybe it wouldn’t be so hard but maybe it isn’t 🙂 change your mindset.

    Makes me think about the unfinished story I have on my harddrive, only 5000 words so far and I still have a long while to go.

    1. Victoria Post author

      Hey Ash – I think that we find it easy to deal with things that are based on facts and figures. If we are dealing with sharing our own imagination with others and expecting them to pay for it, that’s where we lose our nerve.

      I hope that you go back to those 5,000 words and get to publishing it. Who knows how many people are waiting to be entertained by your imagination? Good luck 🙂
      Victoria recently posted…Let’s Make 2015 The Best Year Ever!My Profile

  3. Michelle

    You are so brave! I have that on my list of goals too this year. But of course I’m getting sidetracked with other things. Looking forward to hearing about this new course your taking can’t wait to see how you like it.

    Michelle recently posted…I Love This Planner!My Profile

    1. Victoria Post author

      Michelle – I love how you have planned out your whole year too. We have to believe that we can do these things and just get to doing them. lol

      I look forward to reading about your own book writing journey as well as your other endeavours. Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Victoria recently posted…How To Create a Simple Website in WordPressMy Profile

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