Greetings from Spain!

Greetings From Spain!

Well Hello There Readers! Last week I had popped over to Holland to visit a friend. Well this week I am in Spain. I popped over to hit the beautiful beaches and to celebrate the boyfriend’s birthday. Happy Birthday Steven!

Response to Last Week’s Grey Hair Email

I want to send a shout-out to Stephani! Thank you for your fantastic and funny email response to my vanity led grey hair dyeing drama. I just had to quote you:

“When my hair isn’t colored, I look ill. Like, really seriously physically ill – So younger me, the idealist, was told by older me, the pragmatist, to sit down and shut up. And I color my hair. hahaha.”

I feel your pain my sister. Hehehe. Thank for for taking the time to write. I love receiving emails people so please feel free to hit the reply button anytime.

OK – Back to Books, Books, Books!

99 Cents Book Sale – ENDS SATURDAY 15 JULY 2017Everything Romance - 99 Cents Book Promo


This is your last chance to grab some 99 Cents Romance bargains from Amazon.

Some books, like mine, are 99 cents anyway but there are several that have been reduced from $4.99 or $2.99.

With over 50 books included in this promotion, there is sure to be something to take your fancy.

The books I have included in this offering are:

  • Bernadette Falls in Love
  • Courtney Falls in Love
  • Gabrielle Falls in Love

Click on the link below and check out the other 50+ books that are available. They are all romance with differing heat levels.


My Next Story is Finished!

LouisaFallsinLoveI am so pleased to announce that the next short story in my series is complete. It is called Louisa Falls in Love. making this story number 12 in the series.

What do you think of the cover? Cute right? I hope you like it.

At the moment, my sister is proof-reading the draft and if there are no major rewrite issues, I hope to get it published by the end of next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Free Book Promo – 60+ Books – ENDS SUNDAY 16 JULY 2017

Romance-Giveaway-TwitterMy free short story Addison Falls in Love has been included in this free book promotion. There are over 60 other books included, all romance but with differing heat levels.

This could be a great opportunity to discover new authors.

Click Here For 60+ Free Summer Romance Reads

Ok, that’s all from me. Time to enjoy some of the Spanish sun. I hope that you have a fantastic day wherever in the world you are and I wish for you an amazing weekend ahead.

Happy Reading!

Warmest regards from Spain 🙂

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