How to Make Money with Amazon This Holiday Season

 How to Make Money with Amazon

Would You Like to Make Money with Amazon?

If you are interested in making money online, it is always a good idea to have more than one income revenue stream. One area where I am trying to build up my online income is with my niche sites.

I used to have over 70 sites at one time and that was pretty crazy. Now I have reduced that down to just four. 2 are seasonal, 1 is for toys and one is for random items that I like the look of.

Should You Try & Make Money with Amazon?

I would say that if you have the $5 -10 to spend on a domain name and you are willing to add a few articles to a blog, then you should definitely give it a go. I am of the mindset that as long as I can cover the cost of the domain and hosting, then I am not losing out. I already have hosting for this and my PLR website so I don’t count that. (It is about $5-6 a month).

If you prefer not to write your own articles, you can purchase PLR articles for as little as $1 per page – Articles already written and ready for use. Tweak them a little so they read as if you wrote them, add product links and publish your posts.

Brazen Promo LinkI Sell PLR Articles – at The PLR Boutique

I have purchased PLR articles from other writers and have quite a bit sitting on my hard drive from various sales and special offers, as well as my own from my own store. Now I can use them and make a little affiliate commission.

The 30 Day Post Blogging Challenge that I am currently doing is helping me to get organised so that I add more content to my blogs this month.

The Main Reason I Like Making Money with Amazon

It is fairly easy and straight forward to do. I am not looking to create authority sites so I am not investing too much time. I add content, share the links, set and forget.

My Earnings Since This Time Last Year

My Earnings with AmazonHere is a breakdown of what I earned from my niche sites. I think my Halloween site has the least amount of posts.

My Halloween site – $124.48
My Toy site – $46.28
My Random site – $123.55

The rest of my Amazon earnings came from

Direct Links in Squidoo articles – $599.17
Direct Links in Hubpages articles – $152.26

Grand Total – $1,045.74

It would be nice to see how much I can make with my own sites, now that Squidoo has shut down and Hubpages are no longer earning much for me. My sites won’t make me rich but that’s OK. I like knowing that I am earning a little bit from different sources doing something that isn’t so hard and that I enjoy.

Need Help Creating an Amazon Niche Blog?

Cash in on The Holidays Blogging Guide - Britta MalkaThere are plenty of step by step tutorials available that will explain how to choose a domain name, what plugins to use, how to write product articles, how to get Amazon links and what you should include in your blog.

One such example is Casual Holiday Blogging – Cash in On the Holidays by Britt Malka.

I had purchased her previous Squidoo tutorial, which helped me make money before Squidoo changed all their rules so I was happy to invest in this tutorial. She released this last year, which is when I bought it – price – $9.95.

This is an evergreen tutorial so you can apply everything she teaches to build up a niche blog for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s day – any special occasion where people spend money.

If you want to get an Amazon site up and running then this would serve you well.

Click Here to See The Sales Page & Customer Feedback Reviews

Time to Get Back To Work

I just did a quick check of my Amazon stats. Over the last 18 days I have made 14 sales through my Halloween and Toy site links. This is around $200 in sales. My commission so far is $13.44. Just wait until people really start buying for Halloween and Christmas!

I will share those earnings in future Income Reports so be sure to subscribe to the blog – Just enter your email address below 🙂

Have Your Say: Have you started work on your Holiday affiliate sites? How have your results been so far? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Amazon This Holiday Season

  1. Ash

    It’s a very interesting topic, I can see your PLR and other streams do better but as a side project it’s working well for you.

    A lot of marketers seem to be able to throw up these sites and make thousands each month after six month but I guess for us mere mortals that isn’t possible lol.
    Ash recently posted…Are Blogger blogs worthwhile?My Profile

  2. Mel Day

    70 sites? What a nightmare to manage! Good idea to refocus. I can’t say I’ve had much success with Amazon but I haven’t set up niche sites like that. Your stats look pretty good for low maintenance sites. Might put that on my “to get around to” list.
    Mel Day recently posted…How to Use PLR Content to the MaxMy Profile

    1. Victoria Post author

      Mel – 70 sites was madness. Glad to have left that all behind. But just couldn’t keep away from the Amazon affiliate stuff altogether.

      I put in a little effort for a whiile and then leave the sites to be found by people searching for stuff. Figures crossed, they find one of my posts, click on a link and Hello Commission 🙂
      Victoria recently posted…My 30 Day Blog Posting Challenge – My 30 PostsMy Profile

  3. Cynthia Dixon


    I’ve just about given up on having my own niche sites. Maybe I’m just targeting the wrong niche. I bought Britt’s guide too and it is extremely helpful. I made most of my Amazon commissions through Squidoo, which I really miss 🙂

    I had one seasonal site (Halloween) and a toy site, but I get bored developing content for them. I’ve tried to find a niche that I’m close to, but get bored with those as well.

    Today I purchased a new Amazon product called Azon Video Vault. Tiffany Lambert recommended it so I bought it. Here’s her aff link if you’re interested. I’m not an affiliate so I’ll give her the credit.

    I’ve actually made videos to sell for Amazon marketers and was thinking of creating PLR videos. Funny how you think of something then see someone else doing it and making money at it.

    Since I’m having such a good time with making videos and earned a commission from JvZoo, I thought what the heck, I’ll only be spending $7 so I got it.

    Hopefully this will enable me to do something that I’ll enjoy doing and keep at it. Now, to find a profitable niche. 🙂

    Good luck with our sites. Go make that money $$ LOL
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted…3 Quick Tips to Expand your Business with Internet MarketingMy Profile

  4. crystal touchton

    Amazon affiliate sites are my favorite way to earn online right now. I make the most money from my online pay per hour job, but my affiliate income means more (if that makes sense). I’ve been consistently making $400-$450 a month from Amazon for several months now, so just keep at it. 🙂 You’re doing great. Every post will just add more traffic and more sales. This comes from 3 of my sites combined, but I have more that I’m building.
    crystal touchton recently posted…Corey Brown Of Squidoo – A Rockstar!My Profile

  5. Jessica B Woods

    I have a couple of websites that I use Amazon affiliate links on. So far, I’ve only made one sale (on my British Christmas site…it was a One Direction duvet set, lol!) I have yet to earn enough to actually receive a payment. Like you, I am going the slow and steady route!

    I notice Tiffany Dow did a fab 15 PLR pack…I just did a post about those toys on my toy site…I could have really used that PLR then, lol!
    Jessica B Woods recently posted…Toys R Us Fabulous 15: The Hottest Toys This ChristmasMy Profile

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