January 2015 Review & Income Report

January 2015 Monthly Income Report

This is a Review & Reflection post where I take a look at what I got done over the past month. I want life to be a balance of creating an online business while enjoying the good things with family and friends.

This is what I am striving for. I hope that this post will help to inspire others who are looking for the same thing too.

Highlights of January 2015

January 2015 - Review

Results of The Goals I Set for January

  • I Will Write a Short Fiction Story – YES
  • I Will Do Some List Building Activities – YES

My Income Report for January

This is how I did for January 2015.

Earnings from:
The PLR Boutique = $10 Last month = $85
Other People’s PLR & Products =$125.95 = Last month = $257.49
Amazon Affiliate Programme = $20 Last month =$124.95
Amazon Kindle Book Sales = $17 Last month = $8

Total Earnings for January 2015 = $172.95
Last month = $475.44


There was a significant drop in earnings for the month of January. And with good reason. I spent the majority of this month reflecting on how I want the rest of this year to turn out and what I really want to work on.

I didn’t produce any more content for my own PLR site and I didn’t send out as many emails to my PLR subscribers. With the changes in the European Tax laws, I am not sure if it would be financially viable to continue unless I know that I am going to go all in.

Amazon has slowed down significantly. One reason is that many of my Hubpages are being deleted due to having too many product links. I am not wasting my time fixing these so the little income these generated will decrease month by month. Oh well 🙁

It is nice to see that my Amazon Kindle book earnings went up. I didn’t do anything to cause this so this is real passive income, something that I will be concentrating on much more 🙂

This Months Goals - January 2015Things I Will Do in February 2015

#1 – I Will Write a Short Fiction Novella

A few weeks ago I purchased Kindling by Geoff Shaw. I have decided to concentrate on fiction writing. Last month I was able to get my act together and publish a collection of short stories. ( I will be doing a freebie promotion next week – more on that in my next post).

This month I will aim to write a short story of around 20,000 words. I have set myself an attainable target of around 1,000 words a day, which means, if my maths is correct, the first draft should be complete on 20th Feb. Oh I could so be an accountant with these adding skills 🙂

I have already started it so just need to get out of my own way so that I can get the whole thing written and published. I have been getting some great tips from Geoff’s Kindling course as well as the inspirational posts from people in the Facebook group.

#2 – I Will Publish a Short Fiction Novella

Once the book has been written, I need to get it edited, proof-read and a book cover produced. I will re-read it myself, then hand it to my sister to proof-read. Then I will get a book cover from Fiverr.com.

I am very excited about all of this. I just hope that I can find an audience for my writing.

#3 – I Will Set Up a New Mailing List for My Fiction Books

Building up a mailing list is one of the most important things for any type of online business. This is the same for writers who want to stay connected with their readers. I will set up a new list and add a link to the front of my kindle books.

#4 – I Will Set Up a New Author Website

As well as a mailing list, it is also a good idea to have a dedicated website to talk about new books. I would have used this blog but as I write about how I am aiming to make money online, this would send out a confusing and mixed message to people who are purely interested in the books. So I will invest in a new website.

This will be great for SEO purposes as well promotion.

So for me, 2015 is going to be the year of fiction writing. The plan is to write a new book each month and to build up a cool subscriber list. After checking out the stories from the Kindling group, I have discovered that it is 100% possible to create a full time income from fiction writing. I look forward to sharing my progress with you here 🙂

Have Your Say: How did you do in January? Did you hit your targets? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Photo Credit – “Into The Woods (film)” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

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12 thoughts on “January 2015 Review & Income Report

  1. Ash

    Starting fiction writing sounds like a good plan to me if that’s what you’re truly passionate about then why not. I wish the best for you for 2015, if we set our minds on something anything’s possible, I really believe in the law of attraction and all that 🙂

  2. Misty Spears

    Victoria, I am in the same boat and am working on a new author platform for myself. Normally I just tie it to whatever niche site I’m marketing in, but with fiction you really have to build that following. I’ve been looking at some of these author platform building websites that have a monthly fee but are geared specifically for authors. have you checked any of these out? I’m a programmer so it kills me to just not do it myself, but with limited time, I may just go this route to save on the time and headache.
    Misty Spears recently posted…Monthly Income Report January 2015 – $336.63My Profile

    1. Victoria Post author

      Misty, I look forward to finding out what you decide. I might actually end up turning this site into my author platform. We shall see 🙂

  3. Jessica B Woods

    January is a slow time for a lot of people, I think. Except for freelance writers…I was super busy last month as people needed help getting caught up from Christmas, I think.

    I love seeing your results each month…it is really inspiring to know that there is real money that can be earned doing this, and not just the “big players” in IM can make a living. I want to get my PLR store running…it’s set up, but not live because I haven’t had the time to get my PLR together for it! I’ve literally got like three packs waiting to be zipped and loaded…I just keep losing focus and running off to do other stuff.

    I got Dennis Becker’s 10 Challenges…you should totally check that out!!! I adore him, and he really motivates you to challenge yourself in ways that don’t leave you feeling like you haven’t achieved anything. I actually did one of the challenges and got a small report loaded on JVZoo…it’s really cheap and not likely to be Product of the Day, but at least I finished it!

    I think you are doing great…keep writing, because I am a firm believer that the more you have to offer people, the easier it will be to make a real living doing what you love.

    I can’t wait to see “Into the Woods”…my kids and I have been listening to the soundtrack on Amazon Prime and we can’t wait til it comes on DVD so we can buy it!

    Keep us posted on the fiction…I’m always happy to review for you!


    1. Victoria Post author

      Jessica – I am glad to hear that things are slowly taking shape for you.

      I purchased a couple of Dennis’s products and found them to be really cool.

      Glad to see that you have got a product out there now. Congrats 🙂
      Victoria recently posted…December 2014 Review & Income Report My Profile

  4. Michelle

    That sounds super exciting! My amazon accounts went down too! I’m working on promoting more click bank products. We’ll see how that goes. My pet chihuahua is more famous than me! She has 195 likes so far and I’ve only had her Facebook account open for a month. Lol! http://www.chihuahuasrock.com

    Hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

    Michelle recently posted…January’s Income ReportMy Profile

  5. Cynthia Dixon


    I am delighted to see that you’re focusing on your fiction writing!! I think Amazon and earning affiliate commissions is good to supplement what we know brings in the serious cash. 🙂 I think with you focusing on what you truly love, it’s flourish beyond belief!

    Your investing in your goal of fiction writing by purchasing Geoff Shaw’s Kindling course shows that you’re serious, passionate, and committed, which are the ingredients you need to be successful.

    I’m looking forward to your continued progress for 2015!
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted…3 Easy ways to get noticed as an Internet MarketerMy Profile

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thank you Cynthia – I am so happy that we have the opportunity to try out different things to see what suits us.

      I know that you are doing the same sort of thing, trying different activities to figure out that perfect fit.

      Good luck to you too for 2015 🙂
      Victoria recently posted…Let’s Make 2015 The Best Year Ever!My Profile

  6. Bonnie Gean

    Congratulations on your income for January. It may be less than it was in December, but you made money so you can’t complain. Imagine, some haven’t made their first dollar yet, so you’re ahead in many aspects. 🙂

    I know you can do anything you put your mind to. It’s good to see you back in action again. I’ve missed hearing from you!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…Monday Mixer: Grandson, Alcohol, Pneumonia and No Work ZoneMy Profile

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