How Ed Sheeran’s Album Divide Can Help with Your Fiction Writing

Inspiration for your fiction writing business can come from anywhere and for me last week, it arrived in the shape of a fantastic CD by British Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and his latest album called Divide.

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How Ed Sheerans Album Can Help with Your Fiction Writing3 Ways Songs Can Help Your Fiction Writing Excel

I played Ed Sheeran’s latest album Divide while I was doing my hair – black girl and yeah, it takes a while – lol. Anyway this CD is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.

I like to think that songs are basically short stories written and sung to music so after listening to the album, it got me thinking about how songs can help with my fiction writing process. I came up with three ideas.

#1 Write What You Know

Ed Sheeran writes about his childhood in the song Castle on The Hill. He describes what it was like growing up in his home town, his friends, family and the life experiences he had along the way such as breaking his leg at six and having his first kiss at fifteen.

I have definitely used my own history when writing some of my stories. It is so much easier to write about something that you have first hand knowledge of. I used bits and pieces of my own past experiences to create certain characters for certain stories. I also incorporated and was inspired by stories of my friends and my family, making sure to change certain details so as not to offend anyone.

#2 Use Simple Language

The songs on Ed Sheeran’s album are very easy to understand. The lyrics have been constructed using every day language so you know exactly what he is singing about when you listen to the words. He proves that you do not have to use over complicated language to get your ideas or stories across.

When I read fiction I want to be entertained. I do not want to have to go look in a dictionary or do a Google search to find out what a long word means. When I write my shortΒ  stories, I use simple every day language which I hope is entertaining and helps to move the story along. I don’t want to be known as a literary genius. I want to make money writing books that sell. Yes please πŸ™‚

#3 Create Images from Your Words

I love all the songs on the album and each one provides you with enough information so that you can conjure up images of what Ed is singing about.

One particular song that I have fallen in love with is called Supermarket Flowers. It actually brought a tear to my eye when I first listened to it and I had to hit the replay button a couple of times. The song is about the death of his grandmother but seen and experienced through the eyes of his mother. It is so poignant and you can easily visualise the actions that his mother is taking as he explains how she,

β€œ… took the supermarket flowers from the windowsill..”
β€œ…. threw the day old tea from the cup …”

The best line in the song is,

β€œYou were an angel in the shape of my mum.”

This is the type of imagery I hope to be able to create in my own writing. I don’t think I am quite there yet but the more that I write, the better my descriptive skills will become.

In Summary

There are lots of different things that can help you with the writing process and listening to music might be something that would benefit you.

I am so happy that I purchased Ed Sheeran’s album and that I had the time to sit and listen to the whole thing. I think that he is a great storyteller. This has made me anxious to listen to other artists and their albums for more inspiration. I think Adele’s latest album will be my next purchase πŸ™‚

Have Your Say: Does music help to inspire your writing? I would love you to share your thoughts in the section below.

Romance Deal Breakers by Britt Malka – My Review

Would You Like to Make Money Writing Fiction?

In order to make a success of your fiction writing business, you need to know what type of stories will resonate with your target audience so that you are providing them with the right type of plots that they expect to read and enjoy.

One way to do this is to read reviews left by customers on books that are in your genre. You can get a lot of helpful information from taking the time to study the responses and the feedback left.

If you prefer, you can take a short cut by reading a report where that research has already been done for you. This is where Britt Malka’s offering comes in handy.

Britt Malkas Romance Deal Breakers - My Review

Romance Deal Breakers by Britt Malka

Britt Malka is an online marketer and a fiction writer. She has published books in several genres including romance and cosy mystery. Her latest reportΒ  Romance Deal Breakers – What Readers Won’t Read provides the research that could help you improve the content of your romance fiction writing.

The report gets straight to the point without any fluff. It consists of 22 pages divided up into an introduction, 5 chapters which have several sub-headings in each and the conclusion.

Britt lists all the things that stop a romance reader from finishing a book. Some are obvious and straightforward while others were contradictory and surprising to me.

She looks at romance and reader expectation within different genres ranging from Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult and Christian Romance.

3 Reasons I Liked Romance Deal Breakers

There were several things that I was able to glean from this report. Here are the main three things that I think could help me improve my own romance fiction writing.

  1. One chapter looks at the reasons why readers skim parts of a book. This is the shortest chapter in the report but it was relevant to me because I was guilty of doing one of the things mentioned. I was going to repeat this process in a future story but now I will rethink how I will convey the same meaning and message in a different way so that I do not have to fear the wrath of the unhappy or bored reader.
  2. As I read about the dislikes that some readers had about a particular genre, Britt presented me with a great idea for future a romance story plot that I hadn’t thought of before.
  3. At the moment I am concentrating on writing clean romances so what Britt had to say about the balance between my type of stories and the stories in the Christian romance category gave me food for thought. This is a very lucrative category so I might consider incorporating her suggestion but I would have to read more books in order to do this right.

Should You Buy Romance Deal Breakers?

This is the perfect companion for anyone who is looking for a short cut to finding out what readers like and dislike in their romance stories. This is an easy to read report, which I was able to read and learn from during my lunch break. I highlighted the parts that were relevant to my genre and romance category. These tips will definitely help me write with the reader in mind.


Have Your Say: As a reader of fiction books, is there anything that would put you off and stop you from finishing the story? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

My February Review & March Goals

My February Review & March Goals

In last week’s post, My February Highlights, I looked back and highlighted all the great things that occured during the month.Β  This week I am reviewing the goals I set myself for February and the results. I was much more realistic about what I could achieve and the results reflect that. I am very happy with the way February went.

February Review and March Goals

My Goals for February & The Results

#1 – To Add 100 New Subscribers to My Author Email List

#2 – To Publish 1 Post Per Week on This Blog
Yes – here are the posts I published:

#3 – To Publish 2 New Posts on My Author Blog
Yes – I actually published 3 posts, re-purposing the content I used for my Amazon blurbs. Here are the posts I published:

#4 – To Publish Two New Short Stories on Amazon
Yes – I published three stories in February – Gabrielle Falls in Love, Helena Falls in Love & Isabelle Falls in Love.

#5 – To Write and Complete a New Short Story
Yes – It’s a bit messy and needs quite a bit of editing but I got it done.

#6 – To Increase My Kindle Book Earnings by 100%
Yes – I was very happy with the steady increase in earnings. If you want to see the numbers, subscribe to my weekly newsletter down below and you will get access to my monthly income report πŸ™‚

My Thoughts

This is why it is such a good idea to review your goals and write down your results. During the month it felt like I wasn’t really getting much done. But now looking back, I achieved quite a bit for my fiction writing business. I am very pleased that I have kept up the momentum of writing and publishing my posts here as well as publishing my short stories on Amazon.

My subscriber list for my pen name is slowly building up. I got a couple of really nice email responses too, which was a surprise. I was also able to gain more Amazon reviews for my short story too, which was great.

My Kindle Book Earnings
My aim is to earn a full-time income from my books by the end of this year. I set a monetary goal for February – not too high – and I surpassed that, which was brilliant. I have a new monetary target for March and hope to be able to achieve that too.

Goals for March

#1 To Write One Short Story

#2 To Publish One Short Story

#3 To Create a Second Box Set for My Short Stories

#4 To Publish 1 Post Per Week for This Blog

#5 To Add 100 New Subscribers to My Author List

#6 To Increase My Kindle Book Earnings by 100%

My Plans for March

I currently have two permafree books on offer. Last month I ran a promotion with one and gained quite a few new subscribers. This month I will be running another promotion using the other free short story.

I have a 4-part email sequence that needs to be tweaked so that I get better engagement and responses from subscribers. I also want to figure out how to automate it properly so that I don’t have to spend much time on it.

It was great to get a new story published in February and see someone make a purchase almost as soon as it went live. Very exciting. Now I need to get busy and get the next story up on Amazon.

There is lots to do in March and I want it work hard to ensure that my results are even better than they were for February. Wish me luck πŸ™‚

Have Your Say: How did February pan out for you? Did you achieve your goals? What are your plans for March? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

My February Highlights – Love is in The Air!

My February Highlights

February has been an exciting month. I got busy with my fiction writing business and I made sure to take time out to enjoy life. Next week’s post will look at what I achieved business-wise. This post will focus on the lovely things that happened during February.

My February Highlights

My February Highlights

These are the things that brought me joy in February 2017

  • I watched LaLa Land at the cinema with my sister
  • I saw my dear friend and her husband sing Jazz in London
  • I saw Mel Brooks
  • I published a short story
  • I received a beautiful single red rose for Valentine’s Day
  • I went to the theatre to watch Dirty Great Love Story with my sister
  • I went to dinner with my work colleagues
  • I went to my work’s End of Show party celebrations
  • I went to Granada for a long weekend

I read the following book:

For Now and Forever (The Inn at Sunset Harbour 1) by Sophie Love

(Hmm, need to do much better in March)

I wrote at least 100 words in my journal everyday for the whole month

My Fun Plans for March

I have booked theatre tickets for a show that looks like it should be fun. And I have booked a little holiday jaunt away, which I am sooooo looking forward to. I will share more info in my next update.


I am really enjoying the process of writing in my journal. I write something in my book just before I get ready for bed. This is my chance to pause and reflect on the day that I have had. I think about the positive things that have occurred and then try to figure out any lessons that I have learned. That is what I then write about. I really want this to become a fixed daily habit and so far I have been writing something almost daily for around 2 Β½ months.

That’s it for now – next week’s post will review and assess my online business goals.

Have Your Say: What non-work related things did you get up to in February? What was the highlight for you. I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.