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31 Day Blogging Challenge – October

 My 30Day Blog Posting Challenge

Blog Posting Challenge for October – 31 Days!

For the month of October 2014, I have challenged myself to write 31 blog posts and create 31 videos for this blog. My previous Blog Posting Challenge, included posting on a variety of blogs.  This month I wanted to concentrate on one and see what the results would be. Continue reading

One Challenge Ends – A New Challenge Begins!

I Completed The 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Let The 30 Day Blogging Challenge (re) Commence!

Yesterday I completed my 30 Day Blog Posting Challenge and today I am starting another 30 Day Challenge! Am I mad, crazy, lazy, hazy, shady? You be the Judge – be kind 🙂

Well, I was so happy with the progress that I made. I got lots of posts published and I discovered a lot of fellow bloggers along the way. I thought that I would take the opportunity of the support from these groups to help me get even more done.

The Results of My September Blog Posting Challenge Continue reading