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My January Review & February Goals

My January Review & February Goals

Here is an update of the goals I set myself for January and the results. I know that my goals for January were very ambitious for the first month of the year but because I didn’t know what to expect, I thought I would aim high.

My January Review & Febuary Goals

January’s Goals & Results

#1 – To Add 100 New Subscribers to This Blog’s Email List

I gained 2 new subscribers

#2 – To Add 100 New Subscribers to My Author Email List

I gained 10 new subscribers

#3 – To Publish 1 Post Per Week on This Blog

I managed to get my posts written and published on time.

#4 – To Publish a New Short Story on Amazon

Yes! I published a short story. It’s called Felicity Falls in Love

#5 – To Write and Complete a New Short Story

I didn’t do any fiction writing this month. I concentrated on editing all the stories that I currently have in draft mode. Once I type up the edits I will be able to publish two new stories for February.

My Income Streams

These are the things that I am tracking to see how I am progressing.

  • Kindle book earnings
  • Amazon affiliate earnings
  • Other affiliate earnings
  • Subscribers to the mailing list for this blog
  • Subscribers to my Author mailing list

If you are interested in the numbers, simply sign up to my mailing list where you will get access to my monthly income report.


My Thoughts

My results might not have been as spectacular as I would have hoped but the good news is that I did make some progress. The major benefit of setting these benchmarks means that I now have a better understanding of the amount of time and effort that is needed in order to get things done. I am now able to alter and amend my expectations when I set my goals for February.

My Kindle Book Earnings

For the month of January, I set a simple goal of earning $2,00 from my Audra Bell books. I am happy to report that I earned a little more than that and I earned some change from the other books that I published under my own name. I look forward to seeing that increase month by month.

Goals for February

#1 – To Add 100 New Subscribers to My Author Email List

#2 – To Publish 1 Post Per Week on This Blog

#3 – To Publish 2 New Posts on My Author Blog

#4 – To Publish Two New Short Stories on Amazon

#5 – To Write and Complete a New Short Story

#6 – To Increase My Kindle Book Earnings by 100%

I will be running a free book promo for my short story where I hope to gain new subscribers. It is already set up and without any promotion, I have about 20 new names on my list. I will write a blog post review about the service once the promotion has been and gone.

I am excited about getting a couple of new stories published this month. All the bits and pieces are there, I just have to write the blurbs, order the book covers and upload everything to the Amazon website.

I am looking forward to a productive and progressive February. Wish me luck 🙂

Have Your Say: Are you happy with the goals that you set for January? Do you have a new set of goals for February? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.